Are you ready to trade in those boots that carried you across icy sidewalks for a pair of flip flops? Or are you ready to unhook the snow plow from your tractor and hook up a planter?  Where we live says a lot about who we are. If you travel city sidewalks, the first probably sounds pretty good. If you live on a farm, the second sounds more appropriate. We each have our own way of getting ready for spring, and our own springtime activities that have us itching for a day that makes it to 75 degrees. So, what IS the difference between spring in the city versus the country?

How do you prepare for spring? Spring cleaning probably comes to mind. The windows are open, and the feather duster comes out. Drawers and closets are organized, and the yard work begins. Everything smells fresh and new. However, if you take a highway out of town, the smell of Febreeze turns into plowed dirt and cut hay. There you will find the farmer getting ready for spring. Tractors are pulled out of the shed, the oil is changed, and things are swept out. A farmer has his/her own way of cleaning for spring.


When spring is finally here, what do you see? In the city, yards are groomed and tulips have bloomed. There is a blur of red, green, yellow, and pink as you drive past city blocks. Head back to the country, and you will see rows and rows and rows of green. The planting is done and the corn is up in perfect rows waiting on the next drop of rain.


Of course, we can’t talk about spring without mentioning Easter! Kids get all dressed up in frilly dresses or the perfect tie. They get their baskets out, and race past the others at the city’s egg hunt to grab the most eggs. In the country, folks do a little more than hunt eggs. They also hunt sheds. Each year, the whitetail deer sheds his antlers. They drop off scattered throughout the woods in late winter/early spring. When the snow is gone and springtime hits, people walk the woods searching for the antlers. They use their finds to judge the size of the deer in the area, and also turn them into the rustic home decor you see on Pinterest. The deer then grow the antler back, a bit bigger each year. Their rack is fully grown and hardened by fall.


What do you do in the spring for fun? Baseball and softball teams start practice, and families spend their evenings at the city ball field with popcorn in one hand and a coke in the other. Ball uniforms are clean and ready to see what the new season brings. In the country, people are waiting for the seasonal spring flood so they can go bow fishing. Creeks flood into fields and giant grass carp make their way into the shallow water to eat the green from the field. People can then wade out to the fish, and shoot into the water with a bow and a special reel that attaches fishing line to the arrow. If the arrow makes it through the fish, it can then be reeled in by the attachment that is on the bow.


While different people living in different places may have their own ways of getting into spring mode, one thing is for sure. It doesn’t matter where you are from, we are all ready for spring!

ChelseaCurtenChelsea Curten
Southern Illinois University Student
The Urban Adventures of a Country Girl


It’s the middle of February and I’m tired.  I’m tired of the snow, ice and freezing temperatures.  But above all else, I’m tired of being stuck in the house.  While we get out and enjoy sledding, snowmobiling, building snowmen and making snow angels, when the temperatures are below zero, there is only a short window of time you can be outside without having to run back in the house for dry clothes and hot chocolate.

I know I’m not the only person ready for Old Man Winter to make his exit and spring to come rolling in… so today, I’m sitting at my desk and with the help of our Pinterest page, I’m thinking spring.  Who cares if it’s 3 degrees outside?  In my mind it’s 60 and sunny!

The best things about spring:

  1. Daylight Savings Time – Getting home from work while it’s still daylight?  It’s amazing!  You have time to grill out, exercise outside, kids can play outside longer and burn off some of that pent up energy, and best of all, you can do chores and actually SEE what you are doing!
  2. Baby animals – Nothing says spring like babies!  Farm babies are my personal favorite.
    baby goat
  3. Flowers and green fields – It’s very soothing to me to see long stretches of green grass and bright flowers, it just makes me happy.
    green grass
  4. Temperatures ABOVE freezing – Besides the obvious of not needing to bundle up when going outside, farmers really appreciate this because they don’t have to worry about their animals not having access to fresh water.
  5. Open windows – Saving money on your heating bill (who doesn’t love THAT?!), the fresh breeze blowing through your house, driving with the windows down so you can literally feel the sun on your face… I love all of these, but most of all, I love that it lets in the smells of spring… which brings me to number 6…
  6. Spring Smells – You know the smells of spring, right?  Everything just has a hint of freshness.  My personal favorite is freshly turned soil.  Maybe it’s associated with a productive crop in my mind, or maybe I just have a nose for dirt, either way, it will always be one of my favorite scents!
    fresh turned dirt
  7. Morel Mushrooms – Even if you don’t like eating morels, the hunt is just as enjoyable… if not more so!
  8. Gardening – Gardening was always a family event in my house growing up.  I’ll be honest, I didn’t always love it.  It’s not easy work, but I did (and still do) always love the satisfaction of eating the food that we grew ourselves.  And now I look forward to planting my own every year.

Whether you are a farmer or non-farmer, what has you looking forward to spring?

Becky FinfrockBecky Finfrock
ICGA/ICMB Communications Assistant