Hey guys, did you know tomorrow is Proposal Day? If you need some sweet ideas, check out our post from last year:

For those of you who don’t know, today (March 20th) is proposal day. This also happens to be the first day of spring. FINALLY! I was beginning to worry…

To be honest with you, my lovely readers, I have no idea why there is such a thing as “proposal day”. I would be less than thrilled if my soon-to-be fiancé decided on such a cliché day to pop the big question. We want to be surprised and completely oblivious to the time/date/location. Am I right ladies, or am I right?

Regardless, proposal day is quickly approaching and I wanted to give some pointers to all my fellow farmers out there who are planning to propose in the near future. If you need a little inspiration, you came to the right place!

Top 5 ways to propose to your lovely lady: Farm Kid Style

1.)    Take her for a ride on your big GREEN tractor. I’m serious; if your tractor is red this is no good. She will most likely decline your marriage proposal and you will be left with a broken heart and an unimpressive piece of farm equipment.

Okay, okay. I was mostly kidding. Any tractor will do, I suppose. Spend the day with just the two of you in the combine and take some time to tell her how special she is to you. Just when she’s wondering what you are up to- park that bad boy, get on one knee, and ask that pretty girl to spend the rest of her life with you!

tractor ride

2.)    Take her fishing or hunting for the day. Or for a walk in the country if killing Bambi and Nemo isn’t your thing.

 If you have been together for a while, you probably have similar interests and like to do these things together. It is a great way to have some alone time and easy to plan. She will be too busy enjoying your time together to realize that anything is out of the ordinary.

fish hook

3.)    Make your livestock ask her to marry you. Yes, I’m aware that this sounds extremely silly and most of you are probably wondering if I am insane at this point. The answer to that is of course no, not officially anyways…

But seriously, most of us who grew up on a farm have a profound appreciation and love for livestock. Maybe your girlfriend has had a specific horse her whole life or has grown considerably close to one of your heifers; use this to your advantage! Hand make a sign to hang around the animals neck that says, “Marry Me?”, then lead her to the barn where her favorite animal with the sign will be waiting for her! She’ll love your creativity and be excited to see her four legged friend.

ear tag proposal

4.)    Make her search everywhere for that ring! I’m not kidding, literally make her find it.

Create some sort of meaningful scavenger hunt around the farm or town where you are from. Have various clues or notes placed in meaningful spots. For example, up in the hay loft where you had that ever-so-awkward first kiss; lead her there and have a clue that will bring her to the next place. The last clue should lead her to a spot of your choosing where you will be waiting on one knee and ready to make a new memory with her!

kissing by the barn

5.)    Put her in the truck, do NOT tell her where you are going, and drive to a secluded back road in the middle of nowhere. Contrary to where you think this is going, I can assure you I am not about to tell you to murder the woman you are thinking about marrying.

This is a cute one, I promise. Country girls love to sit in the bed of our boys trucks and just have life chats. If it’s a hot summer night and there are tons of stars that’s even better! Bring her out on a back road or somewhere you two can be alone. Pack your truck full of blankets and make a night of it. (Word to the wise- check the forecast beforehand. Mother Nature does not care about your proposal plans.) When you feel like the time is right, bust out the bling you stashed in your pocket and ask her to spend many more summer nights with you!


One more quick tip before I cut you all loose: HIRE A PHOTOGRAPHER! Shoot, they don’t even have to be a professional. Make your mom do it or even your cousin’s ex-husband’s sister do it. Just have someone there to capture this moment; the proposal is almost as important as the wedding day. We want to look back at pictures from this day and if you can set up a secret photographer to capture all the tears and excited expressions we will love you for infinity!

In all seriousness, I hope you gained some helpful tips from this list or at the very least got a chuckle in. I’m a wedding-obsessed, twenty-something year old with a passion for the agriculture industry that came from my small farm town upbringing. It was fun to bring those two together in this blog post. Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a very Happy Proposal Day, whatever the heck that is.

ashley wagnerAshley Wagner
Illinois State University Student