Last year, most farmers had started planting by now and many had finished putting their corn in the ground!  This year is already starting out significantly different with cold weather and even massive amounts of snow hitting Illinois.

Here are a few reports from Illinois farmers around the state.

Jeff Scates, Shawneetown, IL

Not much  field work has been done down here on the southern edge of Illinois, even across the river in the hills of Kentucky where they would typically start a couple of weeks ahead of us.  I only heard of two farms who have put any fertilizer on.  It will warm up over the weekend but showers are in the forecast. I talked to a friend who drove up from Texas yesterday and he said he saw no action all the way.  

Bill Christ, Metamora, IL

cattle on hay

Here are my cows finding some straw I spread out for them on sunday.  We received 7 to 8 inches of snow here at Metamora!!

Gary Hudson, Hindsboro, IL

The 13 inches of snow we received is dissolving rapidly. I am still hoping for an optimal April 15 to 20 planting window. But if it rains on Easter we will fight the rains for seven weeks.*

Keep checking in here at CornCorps for information on the spring planting!

*This is one of those “old wives tales” sort of predictions … if it rains on Sunday it will rain for seven Sundays.