Congrats to ethanol advocate and NASCAR driver Kenny Wallace on his 3rd place finish at Macon Speedway last night!

corn ethanol performs

And more good news….  the dirt-track race featuring Kenny Wallace has been rescheduled for this coming Monday, July 15, at Peoria Speedway!

You may be aware that the Illinois Corn Marketing Board has been working with NASCAR driver Kenny Wallace since the 2010 racing season. Kenny has worked on behalf of family farmers and ethanol, advocating for your interests in Illinois and beyond.

Please consider joining Kenny on his “Corn Ethanol Performs” summer dirt track racing tour. As an ICGA member, you can request from our office two tickets for you and a guest to the Peoria Speedway on Monday, July 15. Races will start around 7 and gates open earlier in the evening. You’ll have an exclusive meet-and-greet opportunity to speak with Kenny and get his autograph, along with a $5 coupon for your use at the concession stands.

If you can make it to the track Monday, July 15, and would like to redeem your ICGA membership benefit, please call our office at (309) 557-3257 to speak with Rosie, the membership assistant.  We need your reservation by NOON on JULY 15.  We’ll verify your membership and put you and your guest’s name on a list and your tickets will be available at the ticket gate.

Please look for information regarding cancellations or race delays from Peoria Speedway in their local announcements or on their website:


The question has been posed to the IL Corn office and farmer leaders on more than one occasion…”Why is it a good idea to get involved in a NASCAR sponsorship?”

Fair question.  The answer may seem obvious if you’re one of NASCAR’s more than 80 million fans in this country. Or maybe you’re a fan, but you’re not really sure of the answer, either.

It’s a pretty simple answer. NASCAR delivers an audience unlike any other.

NASCAR fans are more likely than any other sports fans to support sponsor messages.

NASCAR fans are more likely to purchase the products that are responsible for their sport’s sponsorship.

NASCAR fans are more likely to influence their friends to do the same thing.

The bottom line to this story is the Start/Finish line at a NASCAR race. It’s all about the fans.

Take a look at this chart. Not only do NASCAR fans deliver on their promise to support race sponsors, but the sport itself generates media coverage that can’t be bought.

In the case of ethanol, NASCAR was responsible for a huge portion of the news coverage that included ethanol, much more than what the ethanol industry or corn farmer organizations could have generated themselves.

2011 brought E15 to NASCAR race cars and trucks. 2012 will bring it to a gas pump near you. And for the NASCAR fan, they’ll be chomping at the bit to fuel up with the same high-performance fuel that their favorite driver uses.

Tricia Braid
ICGA/ICMB Communications Director


Ethanol, racing, daytonaBe a part of history as American Ethanol and your corn checkoff help start the engines when NASCAR kicks off the 2011 season in Daytona.  You are officially invited to celebrate your part in making Sunoco Green E15 the official fuel of NASCAR.

Please join the broadcast on FOX as millions watch the green ethanol flag start the race and a new era for ethanol made from corn.  The NASCAR move to American Ethanol will showcase the performance you have known about for years.  Now everyone will know thanks to your corn checkoff investment.