Christmas is two weeks away… have you got a gift for the farmer in your life yet?  If you’re anything like me, my dad is the hardest person on my list.  A new tie?  The two he has are still in perfect condition.  Cologne?  The fresh scent of manure is completely free!  A new wrench set?  He’s already bought it for himself.  What to get for the man who has everything and asks for very little?  I’ve got a great idea for this year…. An ICGA membership!

I’m not sure why I didn’t think of this sooner.  An ICGA membership is the perfect gift.  Why?  It is one of the best investments a farmer can make for their farming operation.  Corn Grower member dollars are very important in making ICGA successful because they support legislative activities.  These funds are used for lobbying and political activity at the state and national levels.  Without membership dollars, IL Corn producers have no voice at the government level (by law, checkoff dollars cannot be used for legislative activities).

Not only do membership dollars lobby for corn farmers, they also go towards defending markets for corn.  I’m sure you’ve heard that mainstream media and foodies have falsely labeled HFCS as less healthy than other sugars.  ICGA is here to set the record straight!

You can sign up your loved one for a 1-year, 3-year or lifetime membership.  Visit our website for more information.  It will be the best stocking stuffer they get!

Becky Finfrock
Communications Assistant