You may have heard about a recent campaign to raise money to buy drones to fly over “factory” farms to expose them. It’s an invasion of privacy, especially since the negativity factory farms get in the media, so two bloggers, The Farmer’s Wifee and Nurse Loves Farmer, have joined together and started a campaign called “Factory Farm or Family Farm? You Decide.”  

The challenge is meant for agvocates, farmers, bloggers and anyone who loves agriculture.  Make a photo collage with an aerial photo of your farm and pose the question “Factory farm or family farm? You decide.” and use the hashtags #MyFamilyFarm and also #FactoryFarm to get the views from there too. If you need a quick aerial of your farm, just find it on Google Earth.  It’s quite simple!   

Below you can see an aerial shot of our farm and what really goes on there. Please join in on the campaign by making your own collage!

FARM Collage 2

Becky FinfrockBecky Finfrock
ICGA/ICMB Communications Assistant