Last week, we learned that you have to eat 10,072 bowls of Cheerios in one day for the potential glyphosate residue in the cereal to cause a negative impact according to the EPA.  Other states, other countries, and other associations have their own thresholds.

One reader started thinking about those thresholds and wondered, if I ate 10,072 bowls of Cheerios in my LIFETIME, would it cause the same impact?  How can I understand cumulative risks of eating a tiny fraction of risky pesticides each day?

Good question.

Studies have shown that if you do eat any chemical residue after washing your produce, your body does not metabolize it and instead, you excrete the residue in your urine or feces.  You are actually at more risk to eat less fruits and veggies than you are to ingest more chemical residue.

But you don’t have to take our word for it:

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