Spring has sprung in Illinois … finally.  We’ve had snow in April which isn’t super common around here.  It ruined the flowers and kept the farmers out of the field.  And if you think these Illinois corn farmers aren’t antsy to get in the planter, you’d be very very wrong.

Thing is, according to data released last week by the USDA, we aren’t really THAT far behind in Illinois or on a national level, even though it feels like things are moving slower than a January blizzard.

As of last week, Illinois hadn’t started planting at all yet, which is a little behind average, but not much.  And we can catch up quickly with a week of good weather.

Here’s what one of our farmer leaders had to say about his start this weekend:

Jim Reed, Monticello: Got started planting corn Saturday. Had a four hour delay trying to get John Deere monitor and Kinzie planter to speak the same language but after erasing the memory of the JD and rebooting it all was well. Soil temp at 1:00 pm was 50 at 4 inch depth.

So, at least in Central Illinois, soil temperatures are warming up enough to try to put a few seeds in the ground.  Stay tuned for more updates from the field as our #plant18 commences!

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