Want at least one worry you can put aside in the new year?  Buy any eggs you want.  They are all perfectly healthy for you and your family.

The use of hormones in eggs is prohibited by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA).  No matter what the label says, any eggs you purchase in the U.S. will be hormone free.

For the sake of review, a hormone is a substance produced by an organism that stimulates specific cells or tissues into action.  In some industries, hormones can be used to stimulate growth of an animal, but in minute amounts.

FDA regulations also require that any laying hens receiving antibiotics have their eggs diverted from food consumption markets.  Most hens that are ill enough to need antibiotics would not produce eggs anyway!  The egg industry does not use antibiotics on a continual basis.

Summary?  All the eggs available to you are antibiotic free, no matter the label.

Finally, all eggs are non-GMO.  There are only nine genetically modified foods approved for human consumption, and eggs are not one of them.  You don’t even have to worry about the corn fed to the chickens!  Research confirms that any GM food in the chicken feed is not passed on to the egg itself.

Seeing eggs labeled as natural and non-GMO? That’s another marketing tactic. According to the USDA, all shell eggs are natural and eggs are not a genetically modified food. Research confirms that any GM food in the hen feed is not passed into the egg itself.

For more answers to your questions about buying the healthiest eggs, check out this article!

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