In today’s day and age, technology is a large part of the world that we live. Everywhere that you turn, people are soaking up all of the features that have technology has to offer. Many industries have seen many advancements in the area of technology and the agriculture industry is definitely no stranger to this type of development. Through technology, the agriculture industry has seen an introduction of new ways to prosper.

A specific area in agriculture that has been affected by technology is the area of crop production.

Picture this- it is the middle of summer and the sky is clear for miles to see. Suddenly, you notice a small aerial object flying over a nearby crop field and you wonder exactly what this item could possibly be.

You think, well maybe it is just a large bird.

Or maybe the object is just a small airplane.

It turns out that the aerial device that you saw was a new item that has been introduced into the agriculture industry. This device is known as an Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or UAV.

This type of vehicle is useful to crop farmers all around the country. With a UAV, remote controller and laptop individuals in the crop sector of the industry are able to look at crops from a bird’s eye view. The ability to look at a field from this perspective is much more ideal than having to spend hours upon hours walking through rows of a field to investigate the progress that the crops are making.

Not only does this device allow individuals to see the world from a bird’s eye view, but video capability is also available so that footage of the field can be viewed later and in more depth.

By using an UAV and this viewing capability, an individual in the agronomy side of the industry is able to look for things such as crop damage. An individual is also able to see the different spots of damage that a field may have and just how big of an area is affected.

Along with being able to view the amount of crop damage in a field without physically going through the field, some UAV’s also have the ability to monitor plant health. Through the addition of an infrared camera, one can also investigate different specifics of plant health such as soil fertility and use this information to understand just how much fertilizer needs to be added to a field in order to increase the nutrients in the soil and achieve the highest crop yield possible.

So, the next time that you are outside, and someone points out an object in the sky that easily resembles a large bird or a small airplane, you can inform them of the different benefits that this type of device that is contributing to the success of the agriculture industry. Just like any other aspect of the world, the agriculture industry is continuing to see new technological developments, like the introduction of UAV’s, in order to feed the world’s growing population.

Below is a video that goes into even greater detail about the contribution that UAV’s have towards the agriculture industry:

Sierra Day
Lake Land College

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