jodlowski_evanToday our farmer to meet is Evan Jodlowski. Evan is a first-generation crop and cattle farmer; however, he is no stranger to the agriculture industry. Evan graduated with a degree in Agronomy Management from Illinois State University in the spring of 2017.

Evan is a part of a new generation of young farmers. Per the 2012 United States Department of Agriculture Census of Agriculture, 16 percent of farmers are under the age of 45. Evan, 22, and his business partner, Brent Henkel, farm outside of El Paso, IL under the farm name Henkel Family Farms.

Evan knew agriculture was in blood after growing up on a third-generation livestock farm. There were very little opportunities at the family farm, so he knew he had to take his farming dream elsewhere.

“I always knew I wanted to farm, however, I did not know how to start,” said Evan.

That large obstacle led Evan to pursue higher education at Illinois State University. Throughout college, Evan surrounded himself in farming by taking part-time jobs with local farmers and even going on a “Wheat Run”. Those experiences allowed him to learn even more about farming and the processes he needed to know to run a farm effectively.

4-25-172There was one job experience that allowed Evan to pursue his dream. Working with the Henkels, he was allowed the opportunity to not only work but take ownership of the farm and its projects. Evan explored cattle raising and agricultural technology, however, his passion grew for agronomy.

Evan decided to dig deeper into agronomy, through his studies at Illinois State University. Learning about styles of conservation, crop management, and farm safety grew his passion for farming. The knowledge he learned in his studies allowed Evan to become a smart, environmentally conscious, and productive producer of corn and soybeans.

After graduation, Evan started his farming career with Henkel Family Farms. He serves as the right-hand man for the farm and has a wide variety of tasks delegated to him on the farm. From planting corn, soybeans, and alfalfa in the spring to taking care of the cattle herd, Evan is busy ensuring the food he provides is safe for consumers to eat.

Many farmers wear many different “hats”, and Evan is no different. In addition to managing the farm, he runs a Wyffels Hybrids seed dealership. As a seed dealer, Evan advises farmers around the El Paso area on smart and productive choices on their seed. He provides service and data to help farmers make the best decision for their farm.

Evan is one of the many farmers who work hard to ensure that agriculture can provide for you and your family!


Cameron Jodlowski
Iowa State University

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