I had the chance to sit down with fourth generation family farmer Doug Goff who is a row crop and commercial livestock producer.  He may not be like your everyday American but he is a prime example of Illinois’ farm families.

Leslie Walker: How long have you been farming?

Doug Goff: I grew up on my family farm in Woodhull, Illinois and from there I moved to Hopedale, Illinois and have been farming fu=-ll time for the past 24 years.

Walker: What made you decide to farm?

Doug Goff: It is my family heritage, ever since I was young I knew that I wanted to be a part of the agriculture industry.  Producing food and other agriculture-based products for the country has made me feel like I was part of something bigger.

Walker: What is your day-to-day routine?

goff_dougGoff:  Every morning I wake up and go feed our livestock. After doing this I stop into Hopedale Agri-Center for a cup of coffee. Then depending on the season, I will either go plant, harvest or mow hay.

Walker: Would you consider yourself well versed in agriculture?

Doug Goff: I would, after graduating college I worked at corn belt F.S. in Wapella, then as a senior chemical sales representative for American Cyanamid and Cargill with territories of Woodford, Tazewell, and Logan counties.  After doing that for 12 years I was fortune enough to find a perfect location to raise my children on the farm north of Hopedale.

Walker: What is your favorite thing about farming?

Doug Goff: Apart from working with nature I find bailing hay to be favorite. I enjoy the interactions with my customers and I also like to see my young employees have a chance to grow within the agriculture industry. More specifically seeing them develop the hard work and dedication needed to excel in life.

Walker: In your opinion, is Illinois a prime example of farming for other states and why?

1.jpgDoug Goff: I would definitely say Illinois is a powerhouse within the industry being that we are ranked the largest soybean producer in the nation and the second in corn production. Illinois farm families are what truly exemplify what it means to work hard and show pride in what we do. As a farmer myself, it has been very rewarding to watch my children grow up on a farm and develop these qualities. My 22-year-old son Cole is currently pursuing a degree in Ag business from Illinois Community College with hopes to return home to the family farm. My 19-year-old daughter is attending Lake Land College pursuing a degree in Ag accounting. Both of my children have grown up exhibiting cattle at the local and national level and have remained heavily active on our family farm.

Leslie Walker
Lakeland Community College

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