It’s easy to say that I have learned more from being around cattle for 15 years than I have from being around people for the past 18. Now I know how weird that may sound to those of you that do not have an agricultural background, but it’s true. Cattle teach us valuable skills such as hard work and generosity. Every animal has their own distinct personality and when you spend every day around these animals, you begin to notice what makes them tick. You might even start to realize you know these cows better than your own friends. These are the five cows that I know better than my friends.

1. The Loveable Cow:

The bond between a showman and their animal is unbreakable. While these animals may be big, they also have big hearts. These animals mean the world to us. That’s why we work so hard keep them happy and healthy.

2-20-17show2. The Show Cow:

Here’s to the cow that’s so special to my heart, the show cow. These are the cows that know exactly what they’re doing and why. You can’t ever catch them off guard. You will always be able to point out the old show heifers of the herd. You could practically call them models.

3. The Goofy Cow:

There is always a certain cow in the herd that just makes you go “What in tarnation”. Sometimes you peer out into the pasture and see a cow standing on a rock or even a cow sitting.  It is usually this cow and they just happen to be my favorite.

4. The Always Hungry Cow

Order’s up. This is the cow that knows exactly when feeding time is. Rain or shine this cow is always up the feed bunk to eat as soon as they see the bucket!

5. The Lazy Cow:

No matter the time of day this cows ready to take a nap.  Lazy really is the only way to describe them. They have even been known to fall asleep in their feed troughs eating! I think we all can relate to having a friend just like this.

If I have learned anything from cow personalities, it would be to take a different outlook on life and gain a carefree attitude. Today, we are all about going a million miles a minute. Maybe we should slow down. Maybe we should be more like cows. Slow down, be gentle, relax, and enjoy life more. Also, we should make sure to give love to those around us. While we don’t feed people like cows do, there is definitely something that each of us can do to show more generosity.


Leslie Walker
Lake Land College

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