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It doesn’t look like a winter wonderland, but this is what fields are like in the winter months. Barren unless there is a cover crop to protect the soil. In addition, there hasn’t been much significant snowfall this season… Just lots of ridiculously cold temperatures.





Cold temperatures mean that the livestock tanks will be iced over, which doesn’t allow the animals to drink. To prevent this, we place tank heaters in the water tanks to make sure that the cattle have access to water at all times. It doesn’t make it hot, just warm enough not to ice up.


boots“Blame it all on my roots I showed up in boots…” Okay so maybe it isn’t the boots that Garth was talking about, but in the winter these are what keep us going through the mud, the wind, and the bitter cold. Also, once we finish our gloves go on top the fireplace to warm up. (Side note: the metal pans have water with cinnamon roll scented oil in them to keep the air from becoming too dry while also filling the house with the warm inviting scents of fresh-baked rolls)


Sometimes things don’t go according to plan. This little rabbit, Champ, became frozen from water leaking into his nest when he was a baby. To warm him up, he stayed on a heating pad and was bottle-fed cat formula. He survived, but this resulted in him becoming a house pet. Because he was young, his body could not handle the cold temperatures after being in the house on a heating pad. Welcome to winter on the farm… Where your outside animals sometimes become inside pets. But we wouldn’t do it any other way.


Winter means there isn’t really any pasture for animals to graze on, so they get hay that was baled during the summer months in between plant and harvest. Every weekend like clockwork, I see my dad setting out hay.




My favorite thing about winter? Being able to be home over break from school and see the beautiful clear night sky. This picture doesn’t do justice to the expanse of beauty that fills the sky. Stars as far as the eye can see. Moon shining so bright you don’t need a light to illuminate your surroundings. Winter on the farm is beautiful. From morning to night.







This is winter on my farm in south central Illinois. It’s beautiful yet busy. Filled with all the extra projects that are neglected during the crop season and all the holidays. Husbands finally getting to those to-do lists that grew as tall as the crops did.  It is hard at times, but in the next instant can take your breath away when you wake up to a fresh snowfall. This is my winter… Carharts. Orange hats. Wind-burnt cheeks. Snowballs. Tank heaters. Warm fire. Family time. Winter on my farm.

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