12-20-16-redneck-sleddingTis the season for snow days, family time, and sledding. But what happens when you combine all three together? The Annual Spangler Family Redneck Sledding Adventure. The day where safety really becomes just a suggestion and the day isn’t over until you can’t feel a single part of your body. Quotes like, “I could really get hurt on this thing, but it’s going to be so fun” and “We’re going to die” can be heard on the way down the hill. Followed by nervous laughter from the bystanders at the top.

It seems as though each year we get more and more creative with our sleds and what is tied behind the Polaris RZR with a heavy-duty tie strap. So, as a gift from my family to yours, I present you with five things to be repurposed into a redneck sled for your next adventure down the snowy hill!


12-20-16-picture-1The Top of a Poly Tank

As you can see in the picture at the head of this post, our sled of choice is the top of a poly tank. Generally used to haul water to different places, the top of the tank is a perfect sled to tie behind an ATV. Just make sure you abandon ship before hitting the fence at the bottom!12-20-16-picture-2A Deer Sled

Pro Tip- An old baby crib mattress fits perfectly inside the sled. This helps soften the blow of hitting frozen cow pies on your way down the hill.

12-20-16-picture-3Pickup Truck Hood

Really, what is more redneck than using a pickup truck hood for a sled? That’s right. Nothing.12-20-16-picture-4An Old John Boat

I recently watched a video of a group of people literally rowing down a hill of snow. Helmets were included, and I think that would be a safe thing to throw in if you’re going to try out this method. However, the best part about the boat is that you can literally fit the whole family as you dash through the snow!12-20-16-picture-5A Kiddie Pool

It’s not just for summer anymore. Use this puppy all year-long and get more bang for your buck.

Good luck, and remember we are not held responsible for any injuries!

Kaity Spangler
Kaity Spangler
University of Illinois

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