We talk a lot about food and food labels and how we wish all Americans felt comfortable buying all kinds of food (because all of it is safe!), but maybe we haven’t talked enough about how much some of your food is tested and vetted before it gets to you.

Of course we understand that a new car, a new iPhone, or a new medication are tested completely before they are allowed in the marketplace. But did you stop to think that the same rigorous testing procedures apply to … food?

People are nervous about genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and that makes sense because we’re all a little worried at first about things we don’t know much about. But this video from Monsanto explains (in 60 seconds!) what a new GMO seed must go through before farmers can actually plant it.

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  1. This in unacceptable! How dare you take Monsanto’s money and feed this garbage to the youth. I do not support you!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Melissa! We actually don’t get any money from Monsanto – in fact, our farmers choose to pay Monsanto for seed because for their farms, GMO seed yields better and allows them to decrease pesticide use.

      Sorry we’ve lost your support, but not ever sorry to support science over fear. #sorrynotsorry

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