Farmers need inspiration too!

Although they are spending every day outside, close to creation and nature, being their own boss (and it sounds heavenly!), there are also huge risks and worries and stressors too.  What quotes and sayings inspire farmers to keep their heads up and do their best work?

success without hard work

This is a good one to remind us all that no one is successful without hard work.  Yes, the things a farmer worries about are often out of their control – like weather and commodity prices – but often the pressures of a day job are out of our control too.  This is a good reminder that you have to wake up every day and work hard for the success you’re hoping for.

dream a new dream

Many farmers dream of implementing new technologies on their farm or maybe fun little niche market opportunities like growing a different crop (pumpkins anyone?) or opening a farm animal petting zoo tourism opportunity.  Keep dreaming farmers … we support you and we all agree with C.S. Lewis that you can do it!

do your best

What you plant now, you will harvest later.  Truer words have never been spoken.

Yes, this speaks to a farmer’s innate understanding of the land, seeds, and growing things, but it’s so applicable to the word around us.  Treat people fairly and with respect and you will reap the harvest of those relationships in the future.

preparing to fail

Farmers stress about their financial situations.

Weather, commodity prices, input prices, and more are expense and income variables that farmers cannot control.  But the name of the game in agriculture is “be prepared.”  Save from the good years to get you through the bad years.  Its a great lesson for all of us – not just those of is in ag!

angelou quote

As farmers work harder to get to know their urban neighbors and to be more transparent about the food they are growing, Maya Angelou hits it right on the head.  Non-farmers aren’t being disrespectful or ungrateful to ask questions about food production.  They are curious and concerned about their health!

On the same hand, farmers aren’t raping the land or over spraying chemicals.  They are raising food the best they can as science has dictated.

We are more alike than we are unalike.  We need to focus on that.


Lindsay Mitchell
ICGA/ICMB Marketing Director


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