Amie Hasselbring is a University Relations Recruiter for GROWMARK in Bloomington, IL. She grew up showing beef cattle in both 4-H and the FFA, realizing at a young age that she had a passion for communicating the positive message of the agriculture industry. After graduating from high school, Amie spent a year serving as the Illinois FFA State President and went on to attend Illinois State University (ISU) to study agriculture communications and leadership. During the summer after her junior year, Amie completed an internship at GROWMARK that gave her the opportunity to experience many different aspects of communications in agriculture. After graduating from ISU she was able to enter the GROWMARK system with a full-time position.

7-26-16amieAMANDA: What made you choose to pursue a career in agriculture?

AMIE: I chose to pursue a career in agriculture because I have always been passionate about the industry. Growing up I was involved with our family farm and realized the noble purpose that comes along with being involved with such a great industry. Being a member of FFA developed the skill set I use every day in my career also showed me the countless opportunities in the industry.

AMANDA: What are some things that stand out that helped you get to where you are at today?

AMIE: Not being afraid to take opportunities – even when they may not seem be within your comfort zone or what you were seeking out.

Find a mentor (and don’t be afraid to ask someone to serve as your mentor). My mentor most definitely has helped me grow professionally. She has challenged me to take on new tasks and allowed me to utilize her as my sounding board.

Support from people believing in my abilities. This includes my family, my ag teacher, supervisors and mentors. They pushed me to take on new opportunities and were there to guide me through them as I grew.

AMANDA: Describe a typical day at work.

AMIE: It really depends on the season and honestly no two days are the same. My duties include facilitating a relationship between the GROWMARK and FS System and the secondary education community. This includes our hiring managers and their potential needs, as well as faculty and students. I am involved with the full life cycle of intern candidates which includes the initial meet, phone interview, face-to-face interview, offer extension, onboarding and internship experience. I am able to work closely with our product division managers as well as our Member Companies. A great deal of event planning also comes along with the job as well. Marketing is another aspect of the position. I market our brand on campus – not just our product and services but also our System and the opportunities within it and our people.

AMANDA: .What has been the most rewarding part of your career?

university_relations_recruiterAMIE: The most rewarding part of my career is when a student realizes a career path they would like to pursue based on the experience we were able to provide them through an internship opportunity. Helping them gain the hands on experience to answering questions about job interviewing allows me to give back to students in the same manner people helped me start my career.

AMANDA: What advice would you give to a young person who is thinking of pursuing a career in the agriculture industry?

AMIE: Agriculture is not going anywhere – everyone needs to eat, utilize energy and fibers. If you have an interest, whether it be IT, communications, fuels, commodities, accounting etc., there is a home for you within the industry. Agriculture is continuously evolving and allows you as a young professional to grow your skill set right along with the industry.

Amie says that she loves agriculture because of the diverse opportunities within the industry. No matter what your passion may be, you can find your place. Whatever your role is within the industry you are contributing to the overall noble purpose of the feeding, fueling and clothing the world.

You can find Amie and the rest of the GROWMARK team at career fairs at your university this fall!

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Amanda Diesburg
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