Farmers all over the nation are in varying states of planting and growing the 2016 crop.  Here in Illinois, we get a ton of variation because of the very large size of our state and the fact that the climate near the Wisconsin border can be so different from the climate near Kentucky and Missouri!

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Joe Murphy, Harrisburg, IL (southeast) says: We have been wet and cool. Not much field work done this month. The weather forecast is for rain every day this week starting tomorrow.  I finished planting corn May 6. Some of it is still emerging.  I have not planted any soybeans yet.

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Tom Mueller, Taylor Ridge, IL (northwest) says:  I finished planting corn on April 26, finished planting soybeans last night.    I have 25 acres of hay baled.   Corn looks good after some heat this weekend.

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Bill Leigh, Minonk, IL (central) says:  Corn was finished on April 24.  It is finally looking good after too much cold and cloudy weather.  Soybeans were finished last Friday.  Some that were planted earlier in May are struggling to get through.  Could use the rain that is forecast this week.  

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Aron Carlson, Winnebago, IL (northern) says: Finished planting corn on the 19th, finished planting soybeans on Saturday morning. Hoping to have spraying wrapped up today or tomorrow. Half of the corn is up and looks good,  the frost banged up some of the corn. 

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Grant Noland, Blue Mound, IL (central) says:  Done planting corn and soybeans. Replanting 10-20 acres of each today.  Planted 80 acres of black beans (2 varieties) this year – something new!  Early corn looks great, and heat plus lack of downpours has helped a lot. Started side dressing today.  (sidedressing = applying fertilizers to emerging corn)

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Spencer Janssen, Litchfield, IL (west central): Finished corn the first time April 26th, replanting 25% of corn now.  Half done with beans. Early corn looks great, late April planted is pretty bad so trying to get a better stand this time around. 

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Dennis Green, Lawrenceville, IL (southeast) says: Today is the first time we have been in the field since April 20th.  Several holes in the corn stands, about 25% of corn planted.  Many farmers haven’t planted anything.  No soybeans planted.

Keep praying for a safe planting season!

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