We’ve got some great photos in the IL Corn library – photos that speak volumes about what we do and who we are as an organization as well as who the farmers are that we serve! This week, we’ll feature a few of those photos as well as share the lessons you can glean from them!

An Illinois Landscape

Cornfield Background1. This is field corn and constitutes 99% of the corn grown in Illinois.  As you drive through Illinois on any interstate, highway, or county road, this is what you will see.

2. This is not sweet corn – the sort of corn that you eat.  Sweet corn is a vegetable and this corn – field corn – is a grain.  Field corn is primarily used to feed livestock and to make ethanol.

3. Field corn is harvested after the corn stalks have died and the grain has dried down into a hard kernel.  Sweet corn is harvested when the plants still look green and lush, and the kernel is soft and in its “milk” stage.

4. Corn typically tassels sometime in July depending on the planting season and the early growing season.  To “tassel” is when the plant sends up the yellow shoots visible in the pic at the top of the plant.  The tassels are the male part of the plant and release pollen.

5. ScottThis photo was featured in the Corn Farmers Coalition campaign in Washington, DC along with our very own Scott Stirling!  Do you see it back there acting as the background?

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