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It’s become a tradition and we aren’t stopping now!  Want to know what’s on IL Corn’s Christmas list this year?  We’re hoping Santa brings us …



4. Fuel Pump Standardization

Ethanol, and the policy changes we want related to ethanol are so complicated, huh?

But not this time.  This time, what we want is pretty straightforward.  This time, all we want is fuel pumps that are able to pump higher blends of ethanol.

ethanol ghg emissionsYes, the pumps at the gas stations.  The pumps that you pull your car up to when you fuel up.  Those are all certified to pump various fuels – the diesel pump to pump diesel and the gasoline pump to pump gasoline with up to 10% ethanol.  What we really want is for every pump to have the capability to pump gasoline with higher percentages of ethanol.

It isn’t such an extreme request, is it?

What we want is for fuel pumps to have the capability to pump more ethanol.  We want higher blends of ethanol to be a choice for consumers who care about the environment.  We want more ethanol to be an option for Americans who want or need cheaper fuel.  We want service men and women to be able to fill up with more of the fuel that doesn’t send them overseas into wars over oil.

Our fuel pump standardization plan is simply to begin now installing pumps that can handle higher blends of ethanol so that when and if retailers want to sell higher blends of ethanol, we’re ready.

Is that such a crazy request?

It seems really logical to me and something that Santa should have no problems delivering.  What do you say, big guy?

Mitchell_LindsayLindsay Mitchell
ICGA/ICMB Marketing Manager



We also want:

5. Better relationships with our customers – overseas and domestic

3. A Functioning State and Federal Government

2. More Stable Farm Profitability


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