There’s a major difference between city living and country life. Here, in central Illinois we are fortunate enough to get to experience “city life” and the simple life of living in a rural area.

In my years of experience, I’d take country living over city limits any day! Life is better spent out in the country, cultivating the soil and contributing to the agriculture world.

Here a few things you need to know if you want to run your house like farm.

1. All animals eat before you do.  Cows, chickens, horses, pigs, and sheep are just some of the animals that need tender love and care on a farm. A farmer knows that their animals well being comes before their own personal needs.

2. School Nights consist of brushing up on good work ethic.  Once homework is done its outside to see what chores are left to be done. Running a farm is hard work! Nothing beats having an extra pair of hands.

3. Our decorating style originates from a barn instead of out a catalog. Barn wood dinner tables, need I say more?

4. IMG_8076We consider “going out to eat” dinner in a combine. During planting and harvest season farmers practically live in the combine. Many nights are spent using the steering wheel as a dinner table.

5. Most of the mouths we feed don’t sit at the dinner table. Just like our family we feed many of our companions need to be.

6. Our security systems have four legs and bark at us when trouble is near. Our four-legged friends protect us and spend most of the day with us. Anybody who is a pet owner can relate to the “trouble is here” bark.

7. IMG_8075Land is not just a scenery to enjoy, it’s a working investment. We take pride day in and day out with what we do. It’s no easy task for somebody has to do it. After all, we do feed the world so we take good care of our land.

8. Most days we get to see the sun-rise and the sun-set. Work begins before the sun rises for these hard-working farmers, the day isn’t done when the sun goes down.

9. Tony Llama’s are piled up by the door. Life is a little easier when you have a great pair of work boots!

10. Most importantly we engage in family conversation at the dinner table. We put the electronics away and enjoy each others company. Nothing beats seeing the fruits of your labor coming together to enjoy a meal at the end of the day.

As you can see, farm life isn’t for everybody. Although city living and country life each have their pros and cons.  It takes a special person to run their house like a farm!

melissa satchwellMelissa Satchwell
Illinois State University student

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