instagram post - rainThis Instagram post is funny – and I laughed.  Then I cried.

It’s pouring right now in Central Illinois.  And I’m sad that our IL Corn “Greater Ethanol Open” Golf Outing is getting rained out for the first time in 23 years.  And I’m sad that my kid’s 7-10 pm private pool party will surely be cancelled. And I’m sad because all this gray weather puts a damper on my mood.

But think about the farmers out there.  Their corn and soybeans are drowning – IF they got the chance to put them in the ground in the first place.  On some fields, crops have been planted, replanted, and replanted again in an attempt to grow something on those acres this year.  The plants are being starved of oxygen because the soil is so saturated.

Some farmers will see significant loss.

Pray for relief.  For a few weeks of dry weather.  Definitely because your mood could use it and because your kid wants to play a few baseball games this year that aren’t rained out, but also because the farmers and the crops are suffering!


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