As graduation time rolls around, every country boy and girl is looking to have the BEST graduation party ever. With these helpful ideas, hopefully your party will be the best in class.

Jenga1. Games

Call it cornhole or bags, this game will be seen at many outdoor activities, why not your graduation party!? Sets are sold virtually everywhere, but why not try to make your own? Another fun thing to try is giant Jenga. Just like the smaller versions, you simply remove one piece at a time until the tower topples over.

2. FFA

Chances are, the grad was heavily involved in FFA—an organization that promotes agriculture. Whether you are involving the emblem, the jacket, or the colors of FFA: National Blue and Corn Gold, FFA is bound to be involved somewhere in the party! FFACake

Quilt3. T-Shirt Quilt

Any graduate is going to have dozens of t-shirts accumulated over the years from teams, organizations and events. This is a time consuming project, so be sure to give yourself plenty of time to get this done (or enlist grandma to help, these also make good presents!)

Dispenser4. Drink Presentation

On a hot summer afternoon, the most important thing might be an iced cold drink. We really like drink dispensers like these, or try putting your drinks in metal basins with ice! An idea like this looks much more thought out than a simple cooler, but it’s just as easy!

Terracotta5. Forks, Spoons, and Knives

There are a lot of cute country ways to give your guests eating utensils. Some include wrapping them in bandanas, tying them together in school colors or placing them in mason jars. Whatever you choose, make sure they’re placed where guests will see them—the best place is at the beginning of the buffet line, not the end or on the tables.

6. Pictures

A graduation party would not be complete without photos and documents of accomplishments from throughout the years. A table with posters is a great idea, but we also like the idea of hanging pictures from twine around the party location.

daisy7. Flowers

The right flowers can give anything a country edge. Be sure to stick to things such as daises, baby’s breath, wildflowers and sunflowers for a rural charm. Be creative with your vase options: mason jars, pots, pails and mismatched antiques are perfect for adding to the country atmosphere!




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Illinois State University



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