1. Everyone that you talk to thinks that you’ve never seen a Starbucks and you only eat what you grow.

Contrary to popular belief, farmers are pretty much exactly like you.  We may not have a Starbucks on every corner, but there’s definitely one in the next town.  And we shop at Walmart, Kroger, Schnucks, or Hy-Vee just like you.

In college, I had someone ask me once if I had food flown in to our house via helicopter.

Uh, no.

2. Everyone thinks that your wardrobe consists exclusively of overalls, Carhartt, and maybe cowboy boots and skimpy dresses like they see on CMT.

Fact: farmers shop at the same stores that you do.  The farm women I know show up looking like a million bucks with their knee-high boots and cute infinity scarves.

Farm girls DO have two complete wardrobes though.  While I have rarely seen a country girl in overalls, there’s no way she’s wearing her nice boots out in the field.  She’s got work clothes and dress clothes, but she won’t look like a country bumpkin when she heads to town.

I bet you couldn’t even pick out the farm women in a crowd in Chicago!

3. Everyone assumes you must grow a small plot of vegetables because you’re too sweet to be one of THOSE farmers.

Today, the socially acceptable sort of farmer to be is the small, farmers market or road side stand sort of farmer.  But I didn’t grow up on a farm like that.

I’m trustworthy, very normal, and excited to advocate for farmers.  And I’d argue that there aren’t really THESE farmers and THOSE farmers.  There are just farmers.  Some are big, some are small.  Some are conventional and some are organic.  Almost all are family owned and almost all are farmers you could feel comfortable buying from.

I did grow up on one of THOSE farms.  And I’m proud of it.

4. Everyone wants to come and visit.

Perhaps the best part of being a farmer’s daughter is that everyone wants to see a farm first hand and its exciting to be a part of their excitement.

There is nothing quite like a farm on a clear night.  City folks have never seen that many stars.  There is nothing so awe inspiring as the sight of all those acres of land that my dad farms and cares for every single day.  To be given the task to steward God’s land is an amazing blessing.

How exciting is it to share this with the world?

Lindsay Mitchell 11/14Lindsay Mitchell
ICGA/ICMB Marketing Director

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