1. Buying Local

When you purchase ethanol you are buying local. Ethanol plants did not just appear on their own. A farmer spent his time, money, and hard work to build those plants. If you know a farmer, keep in mind that he is producing not only food and livestock feed, but also an energy source.

  1. Renewable Energy Source

Ethanol is a renewable energy source. Each year, the United States grow crops used in ethanol production. The amount of farm land needed to create 15 billion gallons of grain ethanol is equivalent to only one percent of the world’s crop land. You get a whole lot of fuel for only using a small amount of land.

  1. Affordability

Gas prices may be dropping, but how would you like a consistent gas price?  Since ethanol is made in the U.S.A. the prices will not severely fluctuate like they would if we imported oil. The Renewable Energy Association stated ethanol-blended fuel lowers gas prices up to $1.09 per gallon on average and saves the average American household $1,200 on their gas bill annually. Wouldn’t you like to save $1,200 a year and use it for something you really want or need?

  1. Creates more jobs

In 2012, 383,000 people got jobs and supported themselves and their families by producing 13.3 billion gallons of ethanol in many different areas of the economy.

  1. Made in USA

Ethanol is homegrown. Nothing is imported. The corn is grown here in America and the United States processes the corn and converts it into ethanol. Everything used – from labor to the engineering side of ethanol – is made in the U.S.A. Why not support your own economy and buy American made?

  1. Most Tested Fuel

american ethanolEthanol is the most tested fuel in the history of the United States. Ethanol vehicles have been driven a combined total of 6 million miles and nothing was found in the way of issues with the engine’s durability or harm to emissions equipment.  It was found that ethanol boosts engine performance, increases horsepower, and clears harmful residues from lower quality fuels. Ethanol has been proven so successful that NASCAR uses E15 for their competitions.

  1. Protecting the Environment

Not only does ethanol have cleaner emissions, but it also reduces pollution risks for the environment. Remember in 2012, when BP had a massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and severely damaged the wildlife which affected many families who were in the fishing market? The production of ethanol would be land-locked and would reduce the need for oil rigs. Also, since ethanol has cleaner emissions than regular gasoline there are less greenhouse gases in the atmosphere that are responsible for climate change.

The production of ethanol has many different advantages. It’s safe, renewable, affordable, and a boost for the economy. If you want a greener environment or just want to support the United States of America ethanol is the answer and the right choice.

ellen childress

Ellen Childress
Illinois State University student

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