I’d like to say that growing up on a farm was a pretty great experience, but then again, I guess I have nothing to compare it to! One thing is for sure, though- farm kids have some childhood experiences that our friends from the city don’t.

  1. You get to ride along in the “buddy seat” of the tractor, combine… whatever dad is driving that day, really.
    combine ride
  2. If you’re REALLY lucky, dad lets you move from the buddy seat into the driver’s seat! In fact, most of us learn how to drive farm machinery before we learn how to drive a car.
    lil driver
  3. If you ever made the mistake of telling your parents you were bored on summer vacation, you were quickly assigned the job of walking corn/soybeans. You’re supposed to pick up rocks that could damage the farm equipment and/or pick weeds… but you’re mostly just doing it because your parents were tired of hearing you complain.
  4. Naps in the barn with your favorite animals.
    barn nap
  5. One of the coolest things about being a farm kid: Eating a meal that is 100% home-grown!

Rosie PhotoRosie Sanderson
ICGA/ICMB Membership Administrative Assistant

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