BREAKING NEWS: It’s hot. Really hot. And humid.

Today, I am so happy that I have a job where I work inside all day… air conditioning is an amazing thing! But I can remember being a kid on these hot summer days, and air conditioning wasn’t a thing that generally got used in our farm house. Heck, some of my friends’ houses didn’t even HAVE air conditioning!

*Cue gasps and looks of horror.*

So, what did we do to stay cool when mom got annoyed with us laying on the cool kitchen floor whining about being hot? We got creative:

1. No swimming pool? No problem.
water tank
2.Homemade ice cream! If you’ve never done it, there is a lot of stirring and/or shaking involved… which is less than ideal in the heat. But when it’s done, the cool treat is so rewarding!
ice cream maker
3. I don’t mean to suggest that farmers aren’t fashionistas… but we would wear handkerchiefs around our necks for function, not fashion. Soak one of those babies in cold water before you tie it on to keep you cool!
4. 4-H kids spend days on end at the county fairs with their livestock (yes, without air conditioning). We would hang those big fans up to make sure our cattle stayed cool… but we could get in the stall with the cows use them, too!
cattle fans
5. If all else fails, there is nothing like a homemade slip ‘n slide.
slip n slide

Stay cool out there, everyone!

rsandersonRosalie Sanderson
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