In one month, I will celebrate seven years working for Illinois corn farmers at IL Corn. I have loved almost every single day.

And since today seemed like a day for nostalgia, here are some of my favorite photos from the IL Corn archives. I hope they tell a good story about what we’re passionate about and how much fun we have advocating for corn farmers in our state.

boxing 042My favorite photo from 2008 – Art Bunting (our then President) getting “beaten up by the media.”  This was a photo from a series of ads we did for a “Food vs. Fuel” campaign to help farmers understand that we felt their pain and we could all join together to do something about it.  It was one of my first big photo shoots, and it was a complete blast – Mr. Bunting is such a good sport!

corn cribIn 2009, IL Corn signed a partnership agreement with the Normal CornBelters and we named their stadium the Corn Crib!  For the press conference, I took photos of a bunch of corn cribs around the county and displayed them so the media could see the real life namesake for the new ball stadium.  This was one of my favorite photos … it’s also hanging in our board room!

Tim LenzTim Lenz was the President in 2010 and I loved this guy!  We did a quick photo shoot at his farm and this photo ended up being one of my favorites that I’ve ever taken.  Such a great guy, such a great background, such a great photo.

Jim reed NASCARThis photo just makes me smile.  Taken at NASCAR in 2011, I think it shows just how much fun we all have together.  Our President and Vice at the time, Jim Reed and Paul Taylor are obviously enjoying a wise crack and we captured the moment for posterity.  You really just don’t get better guys than these farmers!

combineHow many of us remember this exact image from our childhood?  Ok, so the people have changed and the combines are bigger, but this photo takes me straight back to being a little girl, waiting on the roadside for my turn to ride the combine.  It’s a great photo of John Shore and his son as they discuss their harvest plans.  Love this one from 2012.

cornbeltersI’ve gotta include my kids in at least one photo, right?  This is my son and his buddy, and I love the photo for just those two.  But I also love the signage in the background and I think it speaks to what I do a lot of here at IL Corn – I hope to help people learn more about farming and agriculture as they go about the course of their daily lives.  If at least one person read that sign, I’ve succeeded, right?

Do you have a pile of favorite photos that tell a story about agriculture?  Share them with us on Facebook!

mitchell_lindsayLindsay Mitchell
ICGA/ICMB Marketing Director



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