Ah, spring! After the long winter we experienced this year in Illinois, I think one thing is for sure, Illinois residents have never been so excited to see green grass and hear birds chirp. Hopefully all of the freezing temperatures and record-breaking snowfall is behind us. Springtime is the best in Illinois because of all of the wonderful things that come with the season.

Warmer Weather- Meteorologists try their best but the fact of the matter is that Illinois weather is very unpredictable. Sometimes it feels as if we experience all four seasons in one day. I guess you could say that the weather in Illinois keeps us on our toes. Warm weather shouldn’t always be taken for granted. These temperatures may not stay for long. You may be wearing shorts one day, and jeans the next!

Sights of guys back in the fieldThe sight of guys back in the field- Spring starts another year of new agriculture and new hope for Illinois. This is an exciting time for farmers because after a long winter they are anxious to get back out into the fields. Preparing for the spring planting season includes preforming maintenance on machinery, killing weeds by some form of tillage, and applying herbicides to kill weeds. Farmers must be patient because they have to wait on 50 degree soil temperatures. These temperatures may come before or after other states in the US. If you were passing by fields while on the interstate you could see for miles because Illinois is so flat. I wouldn’t change the flat land for anything because there isn’t anything more empowering and humbling than standing on the porch looking across your land.

Smells of SpringSmells of Spring- Spring is not all about just the beautiful sights, it’s also the smells. The common smells of spring include is freshly mowed lawns and the smell of dirt. This may sound funny to some people but the smell of dirt is something that most of us directly correlate with springtime. Nothing compares to the smell of freshly turned ground or freshly cut grass.

Birth of farm animalsBirth of farm animals- Whether you are looking forward to a foal from your favorite mare, a calf from that nice heifer, some lambs, there is one common agreement. Birthing season is a period of hard work, but also a period of great reward. Specifically in Illinois, our hog and cattle numbers are increasing.

Trees greeningTrees Greening- The sight of trees greening in Illinois is a special time because this means our trees with soon be full again. Our state tree, the White Oak is grown in all 102 counties in Illinois.

Driving with the windows down- After hopping into the car and immediately turning the heat up to high, it’s a nice change to be able to drive with the windows down. This simple pleasure can only be done between noon and four because any times earlier or later it would be way too cold. But, with the windows down you can smell the sweet aroma of new life and growth.

Spring is closer to summer- Spring is a stepping stone towards another great season or arguably the best season, summer. In Illinois we experience vastly different seasons. Most of the time, the weather is so unpredictable that we can end up experiencing all four seasons in one day. Spring is a step closer to even warmer weather and even longer days.

These are a few of my favorite things about springtime in Illinois. I can’t imagine spending one of my favorite times of the year somewhere else!

amanda zAmanda Zuercher
Illinois Central College student
IL Corn Instagram Manager



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