As if it’s not bad enough that it’s Monday… I had to go grocery shopping today. Like most of you, I assume, this isn’t exactly one of my favorite activities. Not to mention money is always tight, so it’s never fun spending what you do have on boring stuff like peanut butter and paper towels.

But something amazing happened today. I got all of the items on my list (plus a few extra things like raspberries & kiwi because I felt like treating myself), and my total at the register was UNDER $25. As old and boring as it makes me feel to be THIS excited about my total grocery bill… I couldn’t help but smile as I pulled out of the parking lot.


I grew up on a farm that raises beef cattle and various crops. We generally use conventional farming methods, but my family is also very interested in conservation of the soil & water on our farm so we take some special measures in those areas. I also have many friends that farm organically or choose to buy organic products at the grocery store. Essentially, I understand where everyone is coming from and truly value everyone’s right to make their own choices about the food they eat.

But today, I am so thankful that I had the option to purchase items at the grocery store that kept my bill under $25. The store I was at offered an organic brand for raspberries, but, to me, raspberries are expensive to begin with and a real treat when I do decide to buy them. So I’m glad I got to spend $3.00 on my raspberries rather than buying no raspberries at all because a store only offered the $6.00 organic product.

This is something I wish the more radical “organic pushers” would understand. I respect your right and ability to buy all organic for you and your family; that’s your prerogative. What I have a problem with, is when people say that their choice is the only right choice, and therefore we, should do away with all other options in grocery stores. I think conversation and education on these issues is incredibly important, but in my opinion, there is no right & wrong when it comes to this debate, there are only options. And, personally, I like options.

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