paul and barb taylorAs a farmer’s wife, I worked full time off the farm. My job was challenging and time consuming as many farmers wives probably can attest to. Part of my job was spent driving to and from appointments which led me through country sides and neighborhoods with beautiful gardens and landscaping. I’d like to think that my appreciation for these, and maybe even the fact that I noticed them at all, was part of my heritage! My grandmother was a farm wife and a gardener so maybe this was the genetic part of my passion to know more about “all things green.”

One year at an annual review for my full time, off-farm job, my boss asked me what my goals were for the year. I am absolutely sure by the look on his face that the answer he got was not what he expected.

“I want to learn to play the piano and I want to be a Master Gardner.”

Ok, I had to renege on that and get serious! He did get some more appropriate goals out of me, but gardening was what I really wanted to do.

I finally became a Master Gardener when I retired. I love it! I will never know all those Latin names for everything, but meeting and gardening with likeminded lovers of the soil and blooms is wonderful thing.

summer-flower-garden-with-rocksBeing a farm wife, I had visions of what my farmer husband would do to help me with his “big bucket” and all those tractors. Sadly, he is more concerned about planting our fields and making a living for us before the next rain, so I got that out of my mind pretty quickly! But it is ok, I work around all those glorious ideas of large rocks and he likes gardening enough to help me when he can. I sometimes leave photos or drawings around the house exclaiming my next idea so he understands what he’ll be working on as soon as the crops allow.

Being a Master Gardener is a lot like farming. Planning, buying your seeds, preparing your soil, caring for your mature plants, and enjoying or eating your harvest … and then you start over again. I find that my love for the garden and my husband’s love for his fields helps us understand each other just a little better!

If you are interested in becoming a Master Gardener you can get the details here. Your Extension Office will be happy to help you with any questions you have.

Being a Master Gardener is knowledge that will grow into a need for more, as you create, experiment, and learn about the love of our beautiful Midwest summers and “all things green.”

Barb Taylor
Farm Wife and Master Gardener


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