Let’s have a little fun on this April Fool’s Day by celebrating farmers and the crazy things they say!

I have to tell you, the IL Corn staff had some difficulty coming up with this list because these crazy phrases and things that we say seem so normal to us that we aren’t sure what’s “farmer speak” and what is common to other occupations or regions of the world.

How did we do?


11-19-12 combineJerry-Job/Jimmy-Rig/Jimmy-Job – To repair something that’s broken incorrectly, but in a way that still works.  Ex: The combine quit, but I jimmy-rigged it and was able to finish the field.

Lollygag – Wasting time.  Ex: Quit lollygagging around and come help me!

Kitty Corner/Catty Corner/Catawampus – The corner opposite where you are standing, i.e. the corner across from you through the intersection at a four way stop.  Ex: Elmer is plowing the field kitty corner from the house.

The Back 40 – Directions to any field or section of woods that’s far away.  Ex: I saw a 40 deer in the back 40.

spring field tractorHoggin’ – Fishing for catfish with your hands.  A common pasttime in the country.  Ex: Wanna go hoggin’ with me this weekend?

Finer Than A Frog Hair (Split Four Ways) – A great answer for “How are you?” that indicates that you are doing well.  Ex: Hi Bob, how are you?  I’m finer than a frog hair.

Rode Hard and Put Away Wet – Used to describe someone who looks haggard.  Originated from horses who were not properly groomed before being returned to their stable after a hard days work.  Ex: What did you do last night?  You look rode hard and put away wet!

A Lick and a Promise – to do something haphazardly or without a plan.  Ex: She gave her resume a lick and a promise and sent it off.

By Hook or By Crook – to do something without caring about the consequences, even when it seems that the odds are stacked against you.  Ex: I’m going to finish mopping this floor by hook or by crook.

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