Celebrating Thanksgiving with some old posts on thankfulness …

In November, Americans focus on thankfulness: for their country, their blessings, and their families. At Corn Corps, we’re going to focus on being thankful for our FARM families and the laughs and lessons they provide.

Twenty-one year old Tony Weber from Newton, Illinois has grown up on a third generation corn and soybean farm. Tony is the youngest of eight children.

When Tony was younger some of his chores around the farm included mowing the grass, helping drive a tractor or combine, and cleaning out grain bins. “When I was nine years old my dad let me get behind the wheel of a Case Combine.”

The Weber family farm is a little different than other. They use both John Deere and International Harvester equipment.

Working on the farm brought Tony and his siblings closer together. “Sundays have always been family days. We all go to church together, and then we go to my Mom and Dad’s house for brunch. In the summers we have ‘Pond Parties’ where we all get together and swim and grill out.”

weber family farm, newton, IL, agricultureTony is a senior studying Plant and Soil Science with a minor in Agri-Business Economics at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. As a December graduate, Tony plans to pursue a career in Ag Sales and then eventually work his way back into farming. “Farming is cool where I’m from! Newton is definitely considered a farming community.”

“One of the main things I enjoy most about farming is getting to working outside. I also believe that working with my parents and siblings on the farm is what has kept our family bond so strong.”

Illinois Corn Marketing Board InternJenna Richardson
Southern Illinois University student

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