Pulling from our archives for some great posts on being thankful.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

In November, American’s focus on thankfulness: for their country, their blessings, and their families. At Corn Corps, we’re going to focus on being thankful for our FARM families and the laughs and lessons they provide.

Barb Arbeiter is a member of the Jackson County Farm Bureau and active member of the Jackson County Ag in the Classroom committee from Murphysboro, IL. Barb grew up on a cotton and dairy farm in Mississippi.

farm photo old chickens illinois farmer female woman girlBefore she was big enough to help pick the cotton by hand , Barb would ride along on the cotton sacs that her parents and neighbors were carrying or sit and watch at the edge of the field. Once she was big enough her parents made a cotton sac sized especially for her, so she could help with the picking.

When it came to the dairy farm, her family had to start off by hand milking the cows until they got electric milkers. “Our cows were very tame; they were kind of like pets to us for the most part.” Barb’s family dairy farm consisted of Jersey and Guernsey cattle.

As a young one, Barb helped feed the cattle as well as herd them to the barn when they decided to be stubborn. In high school to make money, Barb would help with the milking process. She picked vegetables out of the garden and helped with the canning process. She also fed the chickens and gathered the eggs.

“Growing up on a farm taught me a lot of responsibility and I learned to work hard. Growing up on a farm also allowed me to live closely with nature by raising food and animals.”

On Saturday nights Barb and her family would spend time playing cards together.

Illinois Corn Marketing Board Intern

Jenna Richardson
Southern Illinois University student

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