Posting one from the archives in honor of Thanksgiving …

In November, Americans focus on thankfulness: for their country, their blessings, and their families.  At Corn Corps, we’re going to focus on being thankful for our FARM families and the laughs and lessons they provide. 

Elizabeth (Allen) James grew up on a 265 acre agricultural farm in southern Illinois that has now been recognized as a Sesquicentennial farm. The Allen farm started in 1848 in Buncombe, Illinois where her family raised horses, cattle, sheep, hogs, chickens, and grain. Elizabeth’s father never had a tractor so when it came time for harvesting the crops he would use a little ‘horse’ power. The grain that they grew on their farm went to feeding their livestock and some of their neighbor’s livestock as well.

Elizabeth’s chores started out by milking the cows, gathering eggs, and feeding livestock. Once she realized that milking cows wasn’t for her she took on head role of gathering eggs and housework.

illinois family farm evergreen trees holiday agritourismAround 25 years ago Elizabeth and her husband Harold decided to start up a little project of growing Christmas trees. “I figured it’d be a good project for the grandkids and a nice family project as well,” Elizabeth said.

Elizabeth started selling her first crop of Christmas trees out of her car where she would hand clean them for her customers. Once the family business started to expand her car operation got moved back home where customers were now starting to come to the family farm to pick out their own Christmas tree.

“Christmas time along with the Christmas sales is my favorite time of year because we get to meet new people and hear about their family stories and traditions. They explain to us what they want in a tree, how they want it cut, and the shape. It’s just a happy time of year!”

The Allen farm is a true definition of a family farm – Elizabeth and her husband Harold work closely with the rest of their family which consists of two sons along with their wives, and five grandchildren. Each family member has a specific role on the farm.

Illinois farm family christmas picture tree“The farm keeps us together and involved as a family. It’s taught the grandkids a lot of responsibility as well.”

People from all over the state of Illinois as well as parts of Kentucky have traveled to the Allen Farm to pick out their very own Christmas tree. “People like to come and roam around and get the farm and family experience.”

Illinois Corn Marketing Board InternJenna Richardson
Southern Illinois University student

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