With the technology we have today, just a click of a button, or a simple Google search can bring you so much information that it can be overwhelming. That applies to agriculture information as well! There are so many great resources for information regarding agricultural practices, techniques, food safety, and environmental issues. The list below includes some helpful agricultural blogs that will provide information for all of the questions you may have about our industry!

WhyIFarm http://whyifarm.com/

This blog, sponsored by Beck’s Hybrids, interviews Midwest farmers and ask them the question, “Why do you farm?” Their answers are incredible! These short documentary-style videos give an inside look to what a real-life, working farm looks like and what the operators and owners stand for.


Learn about daily life on a farm, from the woman’s perspective! These women share farm-fresh recipes, photos, and daily musings from their lives on family-owned farms.


Troy and Stacy Hadrick update their blog with all of the current agriculture issues. They link all of their blog posts with more information on different websites, so you can research into each topic more if you would like to. This couple also speaks at many different events throughout the country promoting agriculture, how cool!

ILFarmFamilies http://www.watchusgrow.org/illinois-farm-families-blog

This entire website, and blog, is a wealth of information! The Illinois Farm Families introduce you to the people who are actually growing your food. You get an inside look at their operations, their commitment to safe food, and growing a quality product to feed the world. The blog focuses on daily posts about current ag issues, recipes, and other agricultural topics.

CauseMatters http://www.causematters.com/blog/

Michele Payn-Knoper aims to connect all people involved in agriculture, just like her tag-line says; “gate to plate”. She has blog posts ranging from interviews with farmers, animal rights issues, and using social media in agriculture. Check out all of her great information!

MikeRowe http://www.mikeroweworks.com/mikes-office/farming/

We all know and love Mike Rowe from “Dirty Jobs”, but did you know he had an agriculture blog too? He aims to connect those who consume food to those who produce food, so there is a better understand between these groups of people.

FarmingAmerica http://farmingamerica.org/

This blog also highlights relevant agriculture topics and aims to connect the consumer and the producer in understanding modern agricultural practices. This blog has a great layout and easy to understand articles.

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