You’re an educator in a school that does not support an agriculture program or any agriculture based curriculum.  You ask yourself, “How does agriculture even relate to anything in my classroom anyway?” Think again.  Agriculture is everywhere in your students classroom, from the clothes on their back, to their lunches, crayons, glue, pencils, etc.  Agriculture can be incorporated into any classroom lesson whether it is the science behind DNA in plants, mechanics behind an engine, history of American agriculture, or even a simple math problem with agricultural ties.

Ag EverywhereTop 5 Reasons to Incorporate Ag into the Classroom:

  1. People need to know where their food comes from.
  2. Agriculture plays a HUGE role in our daily lives.
  3. Agriculture is everywhere you go.
  4. There are many misconceptions about the industry as a whole.
  5. By learning about agriculture, students are able to hinder miscommunications before they are introduced to social media, T.V., etc.

Ludwig  dairy farmLike mentioned above, agriculture is everywhere.  From the clothes on your back, food on the dinner table, and batteries in your TV remote, it plays a large role in our daily lives.   You may be asking yourself where to find information to teach.  Wait! There are unlimited amounts of resources for educators and people just like you around the state.  A few resources are listed below:

Listed above are numerous websites with hundreds of lesson plan options for you to take into the classroom.  Even better, commodity groups such as Illinois Corn, Illinois Beef Association, Illinois Pork Producers , and Illinois Soybean Association also have free resources.  There are many other ways to incorporate agriculture into your classroom by simply visiting a local farmer, seed dealer, grain elevator, hog farm, and many others.  This allows students to see firsthand daily operations in the agriculture industry.  You can also incorporate agricultural careers into your classroom by having students do a simple research project.  After all, jobs in agriculture aren’t all that different from careers outside of agriculture.  The same concepts are offered; just different subjects and rules may apply.  Your students may learn that careers such as horticulture are highly influenced by agriculture.  They may also learn they have an interest in an agricultural career.

Miles of OpportunityIn conclusion, agriculture is everywhere and any student can benefit from having it in the classroom.  Our country was founded with agriculture being the main ideal, so why wouldn’t we teach about it? Go explore, educate, and inspire your students to learn about agriculture. There are miles of opportunities waiting, what are you waiting for?

Danielle BrownDanielle Brown
IL Corn Ag in the Classroom Intern

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