My name is Danielle Brown, the current Ag in the Classroom intern for the Illinois Corn Marketing Board/Illinois Corn Growers Association.  So far this summer during my internship I have had some of the most rewarding experiences while traveling around the state of Illinois.  I have reached out to over 200 educators around the state, sharing my passion of agriculture and corn production at various summer agriculture institutes.

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As a small town farm kid and student studying Agricultural Leadership Education, I understand the impact the agricultural industry has on our daily lives.  Although many schools do not have agriculture classes, there are ways to incorporate agriculture into classrooms.  I was fortunate to benefit from agricultural classes in my high school, and I love that I am able to share ways for educators to give their students those opportunities as well.

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I have met some tremendous educators this summer who have been very eager to learn more about the corn industry and agriculture as a whole.  As an intern for IL Corn, my focus of each presentation is giving teachers a brief background of the corn industry, ways we use corn daily, and also where to find corn lessons and activities to use in the classroom.  With this presentation, I allow a lot of time for questions from educators.  Common questions thus far relate to high fructose corn syrup, ethanol, and how corn travels from farm to table. Sometimes remarks are not always positive misconceptions, but often teachers are leaving my presentation with positive outlooks on the industry after hearing the facts about each topic presented.

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With a passion for teaching and agriculture, I have enjoyed the opportunity to share facts and information about the corn industry to educators around the state. Listed below are some links you may find interesting or helpful when teaching an agriculture lesson.  Each website has a variety of agricultural facts, videos, activities, and lessons that can be used to teach about agriculture and corn production.

IL Corn Growers Association/IL Corn Marketing Board –
Illinois Farm Families-
Illinois Ag in the Classroom-

As the summer continues, I look forward to the educators I will meet around the state.  I am anxious to continue spreading the positive role corn production plays in our state.  I strongly believe that by sharing facts and information about corn and agriculture, people will in return have a better understanding of corn production and its positive impact in our lives.

Danielle BrownDanielle Brown
IL Corn Ag in the Classroom Intern

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