No farm photos to show today … only flood photos.  Take a look at the damage that somewhere between 7 and 10 inches of rain can do to an Illinois field that should be turning green with new corn and soybean seedlings right about now …

Flooded fields in Christian County Illinois

Here’s water covering the road in Christian County, Illinois.

flooded fields in Central Illinois

And another showing the water trying to drain into flooded ditches, also in Christian County.

flooded fields in LaSalle County Illinois

Here’s a field in LaSalle County that looks considerably more like a lake.

flooded fields in Iroquois County, Illinois

And a little less, but still significantly impactful, water damage in Iroquois County.  Notice what looks like hail along the roadsides?

Flooded field in white county, Illinois

Still looking pretty dark and dreary in White County … the last thing this farmer needs is more rain.

flooded fields in winnebago county, IL

It’s going to be a long time before this farmer can plant in Winnebago County.

The optimum time to plant is April 15, which we blew by earlier this week with the weather too wet and too cold to plant. Now, the rains we’ve seen this week will prevent fieldwork for at least another two weeks, with days of rain forecasted again next week! It’s shaping up to be a late season.

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