Farmers are itching to get back in the field.  An optimum planting date is April 15 – yesterday – so all this wet and cold weather we’ve been getting that’s preventing planting is starting to get under their skin!  But never fear!  Planting won’t really be considered “behind” until sometime after May 1.

Here’s what a couple of Illinois farmers are saying about the field conditions in their areas:

jeff scatesJeff Scates, Shawneetown, IL:

We received about an inch and a half of rain last Thursday.  It was very welcome but not the frost on Friday.  My truck read 38 degree that morning! 

Planters have been rolling down this way.  Our first 20 acres went in on the 4th with a ground temperature around 55.  We are now sitting at about 20% planted.  We have a neighbor that started a few days earlier and probably has 4000 acres in.  Several were waiting for this last cold spell to go through before they started.  We are probably 10 to 15% off normal pace and 50% off last year.

Jim ReedJim Reed, Monticello, IL:

Last week we got 2.5-3.0 inches of rain I think. The hail knocked our gauge off the post.

Some neighbors started around April 8 but not really pushing it too hard. Between
the 12 inches of snow a few weeks ago and this rain, tiles are running and for the
first time in awhile we can say we have adequate moisture. I am trying to read
all the way through the manual for my new row shut off/ auto steer setup so may
not get started till sometime in June.

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