February is “National Wedding Month” and in order to plan your special day be sure to immerse yourself in agriculture! Not many brides have that thought on their mind. However, if you consider everything that goes into wedding planning you realize how your day is centered around the industry that feeds, fuels and clothes the world. From the meal to the dress, agriculture is a key component to your day.

I want to focus on one area of your wedding day in particular, FLOWERS! Horticulture is not only an important sector of the agriculture industry but also your wedding day. The type of flower, color and way it is arranged are all details any bride is sure to pay close attention to.

HostaOne of my personal favorites in regards to wedding flowers are when brides are able to tie in other unique plants into their arrangements. For example, not many people would think a shade plant would make a very good bouquet. However, incorporating hosta into your bouquet adds a fresh, green look. Tucking a few little blooming flowers within the hosta make an elegant bouquet out of a simple plant.

suculantOn the opposite side of hostas, succulents are cactus like plants that withstand sunny and dry climates. Some succulents flower and all have unique shapes. As you can see in the pink bouquet, the succulent “hens and chicks” are tucked in with the flowers adding a touch of green to the pink.

Flowers are not the only part of a bouquet. The ribbon binding the flowers and plants together are another creative outlet for brides to incorporate the style they are going for. For a country twist, burlap is a cheap alternative to the traditional ribbon. As you can see from this bouquet, the burlap has been made into a bow surrounding the flowers adding an elegant country twist to any bouquet.


Fall_FlowersFlowers are not only in the bouquets but also on tables and often at the ends of the church pew aisles. For a quaint look, try keeping the long stems on baby’s breath and make small bouquets by tying raffia around them and in a bow. Attach to the end of the pews for a simple, elegant flower touch. Don’t forget the reception tables! Depending on the season you can incorporate other agriculture products to add a seasonal, country look to any wedding.  Ditch the vase and instead place flowers in a carved out pumpkin and place on tables to tie in colors and the season!

The ways to make your special day unique are endless when it comes to decorating with flowers! My best tip for you would be to ensure it is what you truly want and accomplishes your vision for the day. The day is not about flowers or the industry that produces them, it is about you and your special someone!

AmieBurkeAmie Burke
Illinois State University Student

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