Illinois Farm FamiliesWhat better way to facilitate the discussion between farmers and consumers than to bring those consumers out to some of our Illinois farms?! Well, Illinois Farm Families’ “Field Mom” program does just that. They have just announced the names of the new field moms that will go on tours of farms in Illinois in 2013! This will be the second year that Illinois Farm Families has taken a group of Chicago moms on farm tours. Thanks to last year’s success with the program, there are twice as many field moms this year!

These field moms are women from the Chicago area who are interested in seeing first-hand where their food comes from and how it is produced. I think discussions like these are the key to bridging the communication barrier between rural farmers and urban consumers. The farm tours that these field moms take reach more interested consumers than just the field moms themselves; the Illinois Farm Families website posts photos and videos of the tours so others can follow along from home!

The 2013 farm moms will be taking their first farm tour at an Illinois pig farm this Saturday. To see a fill list of this year’s field moms, farm families, and keep up with their tours go to the Illinois Farm Families website!

rsandersonRosie Sanderson
ICGA/ICMB Membership Secretary

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