Are you interested in purchasing E15 for your vehicle?  You might be if you could get it cheaper than the E10 gasoline available at most Illinois pumps.  Here’s what we’re doing to get E15 in the marketplace in Illinois …

Illinois Corn Growers Association has been working hard for the last two years to pass the Consumer Fuel Choice for Illinois Act which would transfer the state sales tax incentive from E10 to E15.

(E10 = 10 percent ethanol to 90 percent gasoline, E15 = 15 percent ethanol to 85 percent gasoline)

Currently, the market for E10 in Illinois is saturated.  The current incentive for E10 has been successful, but is no longer viable to increase ethanol demand in our state.  The new E15 fuel incentive will encourage petroleum marketers to begin carrying and selling the fuel.  With the incentive, E15 should be cheaper than E10 at the pump.

Our proposed legislation will transfer the current E10 incentive of 20 percent sales tax savings for a new E15 incentive at 10 percent sales tax savings.  ICGA estimates that Illinois will increase revenue by over $100 million per year by transferring and lowering the incentive, while still accomplishing growth in the Illinois ethanol industry and stimulating our rural economies.

We propose that some of this savings will be used to fund blender pump installation, new technologies for the ethanol industry, and corn-based ethanol research at our universities.

This legislation may be considered by the General Assembly in January.

The Consumer Fuel Choice for Illinois Act is critical to Illinois corn farmers and the growth of the ethanol industry.  Please consider speaking in support of this legislation with your local elected officials.

E15 is approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for cars 2001 and newer.  Extensive testing by the U.S. Department of Energy showed that the higher blend of ethanol does not cause damage to engines in these newer vehicles. 

Loos_DaveDave Loos
ICGA/ICMB Ethanol Guru

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