RAB Racing at Chicagoland Speedway

The RAB Racing team competed in last weekend’s NASCAR Camping World Truck Series American Ethanol 225. The driver of the 09 Toyota Tundra was John Wes Townley, pictured on the right with team founder Brack Maggard (center) and Chris Rice (left). John Wes started 16th and finished for a career best 14th place in the race.

I spoke with each of these guys when they visited the Illinois Corn Growers Family Farmers pavilion at Chicagoland Speedway.

John Wes says the team is very fortunate to have Family Farmers come on board as a sponsor. He says his Dad grew corn once upon a time so he’s familiar with the business and hoped the race would help farmers take their mind off the weather for a while. Listen to my interview with John Wes here:

Team co-founder Brack Maggard says he grew up on a farm and raised a lot of corn in his life. Back then he says they did it by hand. He wishes he had the big New Holland combine on display when he was farming. He says he’s gotten to know Family Farmers and really enjoys the association. When it comes to ethanol in their fuel Brack says it has performed flawlessly in their engines. As he puts it, “It’s fuel we don’t have to go overseas to get.” Listen to my interview with Brack here:

Chris Rice is the crew chief for the 09 truck driven by John Wes. He says they’ve spent a lot of time with ethanol and the truck runs very well on it. Listen to my interview with Chris Rice here:

Illinois Corn Growers NASCAR Weekend Photo Album

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