Last week while most of the Illinois Corn Growers Association board and staff were in Washington, DC, a couple of our members were in the European Union to learn more about our trading partners tour, Illinois corn, farmers, mission, trade

Themes for the mission varied.  The group discussed a sustainability certification program that some of our farmers leaders and Illinois ethanol plants have participated in so that they can export to the EU.

They also touched on topics ranging from animal welfare regulations to biotechnology to ethanol imports. Like the United States, the EU is also creating a new version of its “farm bill” (CAP 2013), so they discussed the expected effects of each on agricultural trade and production.

While our guys were in the EU with corn farmers from Nebraska and Iowa, one of the Nebraska staff on the study tour maintained this blog to update the rest of us in the states how they were doing over there.  Start here and work your way forward for the synaposis of the mission.



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