Some of the farmers in Illinois have more than half of their crop out of the field, while others haven’t started harvest at all! Here’s a look at the harvest conditions in three areas of the state.

Glenn Ginder, Peotone – Virtually none of the corn has been harvested in my area and maybe only one percent of the soybeans. This week, we’ve had just over two inches of rain and the grass is lush and green again, just like May!


Rob Elliott, Cameron – Our corn harvest is progressing well. We have a wide range of yields from 140 bushels per acre to 235 bushels per acre* with moistures between 18-24 percent.** This particular crop is a testimony to the genetic and trait advances coupled with agronomic practices. We’ve suffered an excessively wet June, a hot July with 1+ inches of rain, and a massively hot August with zero rain. The corn crop is fairy fragile with the dryness creating some problems; it won’t tolerate much wind and remain standing so this week’s wind and rain are troublesome.

Stephanie Elliott getting into her tractor during 2011 harvest.

Jeff Scates, Shawneetown – Harvest in southern Illinois is creeping right along. We received five and a half inches of rain over last weekend. Most of the April corn has been harvested along with the mid-May corn though it is still averaging in the low 20’s for percentage moisture. Late May and June corn is still in the 30ish percent moisture levels. Yields have been very inconsistent due to drainage from all the early rains. Overall, yields have been on the better than expected side, but we still have to see what the late corn that pollinated during the extreme heat is going to do. A few beans have been cut with yields a little below average.

*Average yield in 2010 was 165 bushels per acre.
**Percentage moisture indicates how much of the corn kernel remains water during the dry down period. Corn is typically dried to 15 percent before storing to ensure quality. Farmers either allow corn to dry in the field or will harvest at a higher percentage moisture and dry in the bin.

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