Typically, when one thinks of agriculture, who or what comes to mind? Do you think of men in their tractors or working their livestock? Do you picture a successful woman behind a huge farming operation? Today, agriculture is so much more than sows, cows, and plows; it is a lifestyle. As September is ‘Women of Achievement Month’ I would like to honor all those hard working farmer gals out there who support their farmer husbands all year round and of course bring the brains to the operation. Predominately a male field, more and more women are finding careers within agriculture. I know, for me, I can’t picture living anywhere else and hopefully some day in the future, I will be able to have a farm I can call my own, but for now I am trying to make a name for myself within the agricultural industry.

One such woman who deserves to be honored is Pat Dumoulin out of Hampshire,Illinois. She is a very humble lady and when asked about her achievements in agriculture, she laughs and said she isn’t sure exactly of how many achievements she has had, but has definitely led a very nice life with her husband. Currently, Dumoulin serves as the District 2 Director for the Illinois Soybean Association. She also works with her husband, two sons, and her son-in-law on their corn and soybean farm. They also run a 2,100 sow operation as well as a compost operation. She taught Economics & Statistics at Elgin Community College and has served as the past secretary and treasurer of the Illinois Corn Grower’s Association among many other activities.

Like all farmers, Dumoulin relies on good weather conditions for a bountiful crop. Some years are better than others when it comes to rain, weeds, and bugs. After harvest, the Dumoulin’s soybeans are sent to Cargill or ADM and exported down the Illinois River to the Port of New Orleans where it is ground into soybean meal which is fed to the livestock. The livestock industry is a big consumer of corn/soybean industries making the whole farming operation a full circle.

When not farming or serving on her many boards, Dumoulin enjoys spending time with her 20 grandchildren. They all live close to each other and she enjoys this special family time. She feels honored that she has been able to be so active within agriculture and privileged to work with all the farmers she has come in contact with throughout her life. In conclusion, I would like to applaud Pat for all her accomplishments, both personally and professionally, and would like to encourage all you farm wives and future farm wives to continue doing what you are doing; the industry needs you!

Katlyn Rumbold
Illinois State University student

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