On Tuesdays in September, IL Corn Intern Jenna Richardson will be providing us a feature called “Tools of the Trade.”  The weekly post will give our readers an up close look at some of the little known tools that make agriculture possible, with some interesting photography to boot! 

When I was younger my parents were my alarm clock. Their way of waking me up usually consisted of turning on my VERY bright light and saying, “Jenna it’s time to wake up!” The one morning when we were remodeling our bathroom, my mom thought of a new way to wake me up (keep in mind the bathroom is right beside my bedroom). She enters my room, turns on the light and then goes into the bathroom and takes the hammer to the tile on the wall..then I was up! 

I’m sure most people don’t use a hammer as an alarm clock but I’m sure everyone does own a hammer! Think of all the things this tool can be used for! Anywhere from hanging picture frames to building a barn, a hammer is a very important tool in agriculture.

A hammer is a tool meant to deliver an impact to an object. Hammers are often designed for a specific purpose, and they vary widely in their shape and structure. The usual features of a hammer are a handle and a head, with most of the weight in the head. The hammer may be one of the oldest tools and a basic tool of many professions.

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