In Bloomington, IL today, the temperature hovered just below triple digits.  The “feels like” temperature approached 120 degrees.  Ninety percent of the worker bees in Bloomington hid in their cubicles with the a/c running full blast, only to dash to the comfort of their air conditioned cars at 5 pm.

Farmers didn’t.

All over Illinois today there were farmers taking care of their livestock.  Making sure water troughs were filled, fans were running, and sprinkler systems were operational was a priority.  The hogs and cattle that are residents of our great state may not have suffered in the heat as much as the farmers did, who continued to work hard while the rest of us sat in front of a computer to escape.

Is the farmer the only one toiling in the heat?  Most definitely not.  Construction workers, landscape artists, and millions of others are doing the same to serve the people in the communities around them.  You recognize them and you thank them – maybe not enough – but you do.

Of the farmer’s commitment to care for his animals, you throw stones.  You criticize his motives, his attachment to the lives in his care, and his judgment.  You attempt to tell him how to do his job.  You push for legislation that will ensure that he cannot care of these animals ever again, nor give the same commitment to his children.

Maybe today you can rethink the skepticism.  Maybe today you can believe that the farmer is committed to animal care, animal welfare, and animal safety.

Maybe today, from the comfort of your 74 degree cube, you can understand that the farmer cares for his animals before himself.

And you can thank him for the safest food products in the world.

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